A paper on AT&T Ince a telecommunications company

A Paper on AT&T Inc (S&P 500 company)
5-page paper MLA format double spaced (4 pages of writing, 1 page of tables and or graphs)
Paper guidelines:
1. Provide 1–3 paragraphs discussing AT&T Inc – what is it’s business, it’s history, its plans for the future, etc. You should probably do this first and quickly. (1page)
?2. Provide a graph of AT&T’S stock prices over the past year (or longer) – and compare it to Verizon Communications another (S&P 500 company). (2 pages) – 2 graphs or 1 with both companies on it.
3. Follow AT&T – News; Analyst’s Reports; financial statements; and/or anything that is relevant to the value (price) of the company – especially in terms of how “events” have an impact on the daily or weekly stock price changes (this part needs to me kinda like a diary about AT&T) Weekly updates on AT&T Inc.
4. Provide atleast 2 sources on where you got your information for this paper

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