A Kantian Criticism of Humean Moral Philosophy

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Analyze the following with contextual evidence and support. Must have a clear thesis and a smooth transition between body paragraphs.Use the outside sources that I will have listed on the paper.
A Kantian Criticism of Humean Moral Philosophy
In A Treatise of Human Nature, David Hume argues that moral sentiments are created by human passions, rather than logic or reason. To prove this point, he argues that morality is based on our experiences, which are motivated by pleasure and pain. Therefore, because passions naturally occur by nature, “Reason is, and ought to be, only the slave of the passions” (Hume, 1738). However, this essay will challenge Hume’s theory of moral philosophy by drawing upon Kantian notions of apriori ethics, which suggest instead that reason, and not passions, form the “categorical imperative,” or Kant’s moral imperative for action.

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