Academic Research and Writing

What is academic research writing?

While a comprehensive definition of academic research is hard to find, academic research refers to an academic research writing undertaken in an academic setting. Academic  writing is organized and presented while adhering to the guidelines of a particular academic structure or format such as the American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), Harvard to mention but a few. Academic research writing when broadly defined refers to writing that is presented as a requirement for the fulfillment of college or university level of education.

Even so, it is best to keep in mind that academic writing is applicable in different forms and platforms and as such, they are also used in publications and conference presentations. The purpose of undertaking academic research writing is aimed at evaluating principles and presenting facts and perhaps possible solutions, following a careful study of a specific issue or problem in a given discipline.

Important points to note

It is best to emphasize the fact that the search for knowledge and answers to unanswered questions is the underlying prerequisite for research. Since the definition of research varies, it is important to take note of the following key characteristics to have a clear picture and description of academic research:

  • It involves systematic methodology and procedures planning, data collection, evaluation and reporting
  • Its major purpose is to find solutions to challenges, whereby, the problem is the center of the entire research process
  • It is dependent on empirical evidence that is verifiable such as data or events and as such, it calls for utmost care and accuracy in observation and description.
  • It is characterized by both logical and objective factors that are clearly defined and outlined to help in development and construction of thoughts and relationship between the topics in question.

Academic research writing, therefore, is a not only a systematic task but also an objective investigation on specific questions, issues, and problems with the purpose of finding solutions for them.

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