1. Choose the theme you want to work with (a certain era like elizabethan or victorian, imagery, symbol, etc.,)

2. Identify the poems that you want to work with. (minimum 4 required…all need to be appropriate for your theme)

3. Give a description of your theme and background to the times when these poets were writing or the poets themselves. I don’t need biographical information, just about their work.
4. Showcase how the poets from the poems that you have picked use the theme in their work (not to exceed 2 paragraphs)

5. Paraphrase your poems very briefly. (2-3 paragraphs)

6. Analyze how your theme plays out in the poems you have chosen.


Choice of theme and background description- 35%

Paraphrase- 10%

Analysis- 40%

Writing, clarity, grammar and punctuation- 15%

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